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Personal Growth


What traits do you want to embody more? What habits do you want to stick to consistently? What new skills do you want to learn? Take some time to look inward with meditation, journaling, exercise. Carve out moments of quiet alone time.


Track habits to stick to them and hold yourself accountable.


Keep your mind active and growing. Be consistent so you can improve. Commit to at least 20 hours of learning before giving up. Devote the same amount of time to both reading / memorisation and recitation / recall. Look for opportunities to explain the subject you are learning to someone else. Chase clarity and understanding, do not stop at the surface when learning. Cultivate deep reading and studying and take the time you need to do this.

Embrace your feelings

Human beings have emotions. Deal with them instead of hiding them and repressing them.

Cultivate deep human connections

Be open, honest, present and vulnerable.


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